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Embracing Bold Decor: How to Incorporate Statement Pieces in Your Design?

Sculptures, bowls, and other bold décor pieces are great ways to infuse your home design with personality, flare, and a dash of drama. At Maison Modern, we understand that the secret to assisting your clients in creating gorgeous and distinctive living spaces is knowing how to successfully combine these prominent pieces into their designs.


Here are some expert suggestions for incorporating statement pieces into your design:


  • Consider the overall theme

When choosing bold decor pieces, take the room's overall concept or style into consideration. Select items that go well with the current décor and add to the overall mood, be it conventional and classic, quirky and bohemian, or trendy and minimalist.


  • Choose a focal point

As the main attraction of a room or area, pick one striking piece of décor. It may be a beautiful candle holder like our Aurum gold pillar holder, a huge vase, or an eye-catching sculpture. Allow this focal point to act as both the design's anchor and a discussion starter.

  • Contrast and balance

To provide balance and contrast to your design, incorporate bold décor pieces. For instance, to make a bright and colorful vase stand out, combine it with walls or furnishings that have muted tones. By placing bold objects thoughtfully around the space, you can counterbalance their visual weight.


  • Combine elements and textures

To give your design more depth and appeal, try combining several textures and materials. Mix and match a wooden sculpture with a glass bowl or Maison Modern’s tropic gold leaf flower vase with a textured metal candle holder. The lively and hospitable environment is created by the difference in textures.



  • Experiment with scale

Incorporate statement pieces of décor in a range of sizes to experiment with scale. Much as an enormous, huge sculpture may become the center of attention in a room, so too can a grouping of little bowls or figurines.


Explore our collection of decor pieces!

We provide a carefully chosen assortment of bold and attention-grabbing elements for home décor, such as bowls, sculptures, candle holders, vases, and figurines. Our unique pieces are meant to uplift any interior design and stimulate the imagination.


Discover how to use statement pieces of décor to turn your living areas into breathtaking works of art by browsing our collection now.