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Maison Modern Trays

We have a carefully chosen selection of beautiful trays in our store that combine elegance with practicality in an effortless manner. We have a wide selection of hardwood trays, bronze mirror trays, silver maple platter sets, and bronze round trays to fit any taste or occasion.


  • Wood trays

Experience the classic appeal of wood trays, which elevate your serving game with a hint of sophisticated rusticism. Our wooden trays are made from premium wood, which not only makes them sturdy but also brings out their inherent beauty.


  • Bronze mirror trays

With our bronze mirror trays, you can add a touch of luxury and glitz to your interior. A striking visual effect is produced by the mix of mirrored surfaces and frames with bronze tones.


  • Mapple platter set

Our elegant and sophisticated silver and bronze maple platter sets will wow your visitors. These platter sets are showpieces for formal dinners and special events because of their elaborate patterns and high-quality finishes.


  • Circlet round trays

We have circlet round trays in gold and bronze that will add a hint of antique character to your décor. These trays are adaptable accent pieces for any space as they go well with both traditional and modern décor styles.


Our selection of trays offers style, practicality, and adaptability whether you're entertaining guests, keeping things organized, or just adding a beautiful touch to the space. Check out our online store to get these gorgeous trays to up your serving and décor game.